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Prusa i3 assembly 2: It’s ready (mostly)!

The purpose of this post is to show some of the actual steps of the assembly process, since its theory was already extensively documented. Additionally I explain how I resolved the issue of the missing and defective parts and how, by trial and error, I managed to deal with assembly steps that were not documented […]

Prusa i3 assembly 1: A sea of parts.

After much researching, deciphering and documenting, I understood enough of the 3D printer design so that I could start assembling it with confidence. If you read other posts, you may remember that the assembly manual was already a topic of discussion: There’s a step-by-step assembly manual included in the CD, customized for this specific Prusa […]

Unboxing a Prusa i3 2: CD content and adjacent topics.

Like I said before, this post will be about trying to make sense and documenting the contents of the CD that came with a Prusa i3 I’ve bought. This post ended up a lot longer than I could’ve anticipated, but for as someone a limited knowledge of 3d printers, documenting the whole exploratory process was […]

Unboxing a Prusa i3 1: overview.

After overcoming a valley in my enthusiasm chart, I have finally decided to use some of my free time to finally start to assemble my additive printer. I’ve decided to document the unpacking process because: By doing so, I force myself to comprehend the entire set up before I get my hands dirty. From personal […]

My first digital fabrication tool.

Recently I decided to finally put to use the things I’ve learned during the development of my graduation project (read my previous post to know a bit more about it) and start my very own personal mini digital factory. At this point, I don’t know exactly what I’m aiming for, but I feel an urge […]